Aurora is a women’s choral ensemble in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our goal as an ensemble is to educate ourselves about the choral arts, improve our singing technique and practice fundamentals of musical theory through expressive singing. We are proud to be part of the Fairbanks arts community. Our performance season runs from September through mid-May, and Aurora performs two concerts each year in December and May.

Any woman who loves to sing and wants to learn more about the art of choral singing is welcome to attend a rehearsal. If you think you would enjoy singing with us, you may contact our conductor and schedule a time to meet and sing a brief vocal interview. You may schedule your vocal interview and ask questions from Janice Trumbull ([email protected] or 214-354-4587) or Allison Baldock ([email protected] or 907-687-9663).

Currently, we have 25-30 singers with various backgrounds and talents. Any woman age 18 and older is invited to sing with us. There is a fee of $150 per season. Those proceeds help cover the expenses of music, materials and small stipends for our conductor and accompanist. Limited scholarship funding is sometimes available to those who qualify. We rehearse every Tuesday night from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the University Park Bible Church on 3681 Sandvik Street in Fairbanks. To learn more about Aurora please contact Janice Trumbull ([email protected] or 214-354-4587) or Allison Baldock or call 907-678-9663.